Using Evernote as a virtual sewing room

For my sewing project, I want to have a clear overview of what I am doing and what I own. During the last years, I hardly did any sewing, but I have managed to buy several colours of thread twice! I would prefer to spend my money more efficiently… On several occasions, I have felt frustrated because I suddenly had the opportunity to visit a craft shop but couldn’t remember what I needed to buy for a project I had in mind and made a bookmark for it… on my home computer. So now that I am getting serious about sewing, it’s time for me to get organised! I am going to use Evernote, as I already am satisfied with how it works for my recipe database and my studies:

  • I can save all kinds of documents at the same place: PDFs, pictures, Excel sheets…
  • I can use my smartphone to upload pictures directly
  • I can consult my notes on the mobile, or from any computer with an internet connexion
  • I can search my notes
  • I can choose the way things should be organised

Screen Shot 2013-05-01 at 16.00.49

So far I have created a “sewing” folder, and organised it with a note for each stash item containing a picture (still have to visit the basement to collect my fabrics!), the materials I own, and those I want to acquire. I can imagine that the next additions will be pictures of my work, as well as patterns I would like to make one day. I have a ton of bookmarks to go through first…


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