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Hand stitching 101

I have finally managed to take a look at my basement stash and to register its content on Evernote.  It seems that I didn’t find all my fabrics though. Need to dig deeper!

Today was also my first sewing experience in a long time. I gathered some bits of simple white cotton, some red thread, a needle and got working! No machine involved, just my fingers on duty here: I’ve been covering the basics of hand stitching, following the instructions in Wendy Gardiner’s “Start Sewing” for 6 different stitches:


  • Running stitch: no difficulty here, it’s something I have learned as a child!
  • Backstitch: it looks like machine stitching, no gaps between the stitches, the back looks different from the front. I got a little confused when looking at the pictures in the instructions, as I am a leftie and had naturally started from the left side, contrary to the model.
  • Gathering stitch: simple as a running stitch, but creating a third dimension!
  • Blind hemming: I have actually never hemmed pants with this technique, so it was nice to give it a go.


  • Slip stitch: this one is a bit tricky, as no thread is supposed to show on the right side nor on the wrong side.


  • Blanket stitch: I didn’t have any heavy thread available, so it was a bit annoying to make loops with the one I used, but I can certainly see the potential in that stitch!

All in all, it was very easy to understand how to make those stitches, the only problem is regularity, and straight lines! I definitely want to exercise this skill more.